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Hello. We’re Influence, we supply comprehensive solutions for customer acquisition and brand management.

Our objective is simple. Create substantial growth for clients and help them achieve something special. We pride ourselves on the fact that we provide an excellent service and due to us representing the clients, it’s paramount that we have the best possible impression.

We are a fast-paced, high energy company looking to take advantage of a rapidly expanding industry. Our goal is to be the best in our field and we work with clients who share that mindset. We are constantly developing new sales and marketing strategies to keep up with our competitors and to make sure we have a big foothold in this competitive market.

At Influence we understand that a company’s brand is its future and we strive to strengthen the brands of our clients and grow along with them. We provide comprehensive marketing solutions. If you need customers, we bring them to you.

With rapid advancement opportunities that we have to offer, we pride ourselves, simply, as a copy and paste business. We are not afraid of hard work, resulting in a higher-than-average growth rate within the economy.

We Impact. We Influence.


Maintaining a customer base through friendly, attentive, and genuine customer service. A customer needs to feel comfortable with the choices they make.

Dedicated Team

Here at Influence we have built an environment where everyone is willing to help the next guy because we all win together. Team work makes the dream work.


Spreading awareness about new promotions and deals. We need to keep our customers up to date with any current information about new promotions.

Global Reach

We discover the most effective way to get our message across to the people who need to hear it, and then deliver it, we are not restricted by location.


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